Get in the Car and Ride: Big Red, Big Sky, Big Adventure


Beautiful Nebraska, peaceful prairieland,
Laced with many rivers, and the hills of sand;
Dark green valleys cradled in the earth,
Rain and sunshine bring abundant birth.
From Beautiful Nebraska
Monumental landscapes and miles of mountain biking meet American history and prehistoric pathways in the great wide-open of western Nebraska. If you’re taking a trip this spring, remember that the west is more than “on the way” roads in your atlas.
What is western Nebraska? It’s the sandy beaches of the state’s largest reservoir and 90,000 acres of hand-planted forest. It’s a time warp to wagon trails and dinosaur tales. It’s Nebraska; it rocks
So grab your mother, brother, best friend—or go solo. Just be sure to bring your sense of adventure.
This month, much-needed moisture is music to our ears, so to speak. But for the real thing, you won’t have to travel too far…
Strum, stroll or rock-and-roll your way to North Platte April 25-27 for the finest bluegrass show of the season. The 13th Annual Country Bluegrass Show is bringing back our brothers from another mother(land) when Canada’s own Spinney Brothers take the stage Thursday (and, lucky you, Friday, too!). Full line-up and details here. (Be sure to check out our calendar for things to do throughout the year.)
Stay warm and stay tuned for more news, nature, tips and travel advice from our family of ace adventurers from across western Nebraska.