Scenic view overlooking Fort Robinson

Join the Western Nebraska Tourism Coalition

The Western Nebraska Tourism Coalition (WNTC) welcomes you to West Nebraska!

For anyone who hopes to explore the scenic beauty of the Sandhills, the Wild West, Trails West and Pine Ridge regions, this is your guide.




Why join the WNTC?

The goal of the Western Nebraska Tourism Coalition (WNTC) is to attract more tourists, lengthen their stay and increase visitor spending.

To accomplish this goal, we need your help.

Annual Individual/Business Memberships in WNTC are $100.00.


Regional Collaboration – Members of WNTC have the opportunity to share marketing ideas and develop innovative approaches to promote Western Nebraska, their attractions and businesses by attending bimonthly meetings, held in various communities throughout the region.

Marketing – 90% of WNTC’s budget is earmarked for marketing the regions to visitors. Over 3,200 requests for information were received from this marketing. They were each sent a Destination magazine and the names/addresses were then forwarded on to our members.

Trade Shows – WNTC represents the region at travel industry trade shows in surrounding states. More than 50,000 Destination West Nebraska magazines and maps, which highlight the area attractions are handed out annually.

Internet Visibility – Members of WNTC are featured on, and have a link from directly to their own site.

Referrals – Members of WNTC have the unique opportunity to cross-promote attractions and businesses in the region by having access to the visitor leads from advertising efforts.

How to Join

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