Riverside Discovery Center

Come see more than 200 wild animals!

Show Your Children the Wildlife of the World in Scottsbluff


You’d expect to find wildlife in the rugged country around Scottsbluff, and you will. Elk, pronghorn, mule deer, bighorn sheep, bobcats and even an occasional mountain lion are seen. You wouldn’t expect to see exotic species such as chimpanzees, zebras or tigers, but you’ll find them at Riverside Discovery Center. The zoo is home to more than 70 animal species. 

They include rare species such as Amur tigers, addax and several primate species. Other special exhibits include the Big Cat Complex, Chimpanzee Conservation Center and Heritage Barn with a petting zoo. When visiting during summer, bring swimsuits and flip-flops to enjoy the Splash-pad, a refreshing zero-depth water feature.

The 23-acre facility with its new Dino Dig is located on South Beltline Highway W., half a mile west of Highway 71. (308) 630-6236.http://www.riversidediscoverycenter.org. Open daily 9:30 am-4:30 pm. Riverside Campground, open May through September, is nearby. (308) 630-6238. 

The animals live in simulated natural habitats, and include endangered or rare species such as the red pandas, Bengal tigers and several primate species native to South America. Special exhibits include the Moose Woods, Lion/Tiger Complex, Chimpanzee Conservation Center and a walk-through aviary. When visiting in the summer, bring suits and flip-flops to enjoy the Splash-pad, a zero-depth water feature that sprays water.

For more information on the Scottsbluff area, contact Scotts Bluff County Tourism at (800) 788-9475 or visit www.visitscottsbluff.com.